DAAD Prizewinners in MV

For more than ten years, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) has awarded the annual DAAD Prize to international students for outstanding achievements at German universities. This aims to put a face to students from across the globe and provide them with an opportunity to tell their story. The DAAD has set itself the task of advancing the internationalisation of German universities.

A period of stay abroad is a win-win situation for both countries, because the students take a portion of culture, knowledge etc. back to their home countries and they leave their own marks abroad, enriching lectures and seminars and broadening the horizons of every student.

The DAAD Prize recognises excellent academic achievements, as well as community work and intercultural activities. It is sponsored by its namesake, the DAAD. The finalists receive both a certificate and prize money of 1,000 EUR.

We would like to give a face to MV’s prizewinners and tell you their stories:

Siddarth Marwaha

Siddarth Marwaha (photo: private)

DAAD Prizewinner Siddarth Marwaha

The Indian student Siddarth Marwaha is studying for a master’s in Electrical Engineering and was awarded the DAAD Prize 2018 for his excellent study achievements and voluntary community work. The student at the University of Rostock showed a high level of commitment for international students during his work as International Student Advisor. He supervised the Buddy Programme, which supports refugees who were interested in studying in Rostock, and represented the Students' Union (AStA) and the university at numerous events.

Fatma Bouchareb

Fatma Bouchareb (Photo: UAS Neubrandenburg)

DAAD Prizewinner Fatma Bouchareb

Fatma Bouchareb, graduate of the master’s degree course Agricultural Science, received the DAAD Prize 2017 for her commitment and excellent achievements. The Tunisian student’s command of five languages enabled her to collect valuable primary data for her master’s dissertation in Burkina Faso. UAS Neubrandenburg is proud of its representative, who held a presentation at the “Rural Future Lab” on the topic of “Rural Youths at the Forefront” – Visions for the Future of Rural Regions, which led to an invitation to the G20 Summit in July 2017.

Omar Alroumi

Omar Alroumi (Photo: UAS Stralsund)

DAAD Prizewinner Omar Alroumi

Omar Alroumi was awarded the DAAD Prize for his excellent study achievements and his voluntary community work. He fled from Syria in 2015 and came to Stralsund. He started his master’s degree course in Mechanical Engineering at UAS Stralsund in March 2017. Regarding his community work: Omar started off working for the Diakonie as a voluntary interpreter and now helps other asylum seekers to find their way in Germany as he has experienced the challenges and difficulties at first hand.

Yang-Leng Liu

Yang-Leng Liu (Photo: Till Junker)

DAAD Prizewinner Yang-Leng Liu

Yang-Leng Liu set herself the goal of learning 30 languages to enable her to discover and understand the world. She takes this goal seriously and is already proficient in six languages. The student, who was born in Taiwan, is currently studying Scandinavian Studies and Philosophy at the University of Greifswald, but she has previously gained plenty of other international experience, e.g. during her period of study abroad in Norway. She also received the DAAD Prize for her excellent study achievements.

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