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STEM, STEM, STEM? ... More than just part of a plant, word or kind of cell

Who or what is actually meant by STEM? STEM is an acronym of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics - four fields that will shape our future. That’s why Mecklenburg-Vorpommern’s universities are interested in the STEM disciplines. There is also an economic aspect to supporting STEM subjects: Numerous public-sector and industry-based projects aim to increase the number of trained staff in technical professions.


Students at five universities in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern - Rostock, Stralsund, Wismar, Greifswald and Neubrandenburg - approach future topics and look for answers to questions of tomorrow. Innovation and research are at the heart of the investigations. MV provides perfect conditions for applying theoretical knowledge and practical skills: mathematicians determine the most suitable locations for wind power plants, physicists develop their own kiteboards, biologists look at the Baltic Sea biotope, and technical skills are required to calculate the perfect sound and light conditions for various events - all of this has something to do with MV.

The following universities in MV provide STEM disciplines:

STEM Degree Courses in MV

MV’s universities provide a large range of STEM degree courses. The following examples provide a short summary of some of the special features of the degree courses:

The bachelor’s degree course Agricultural Sciences at the 

University of Rostock

provides students with knowledge about the sustainable production of healthy foods, regenerative raw materials, and renewable energies.

Biomathematics at the

University of Greifswald

is at the interface between computer science, mathematics and biology, preparing students for future work in clinical research.

The focus areas of the degree course Geoinformatics at UAS Neubrandenburg include the collection, processing and presentation of results using modern measuring methods, mathematics and computer science.

Students on the 7-semester degree course Information and Communication Technology at

UAS Stralsund

learn everything about complex computer systems. For example, graduates are able to develop hardware and software systems for banks, insurance companies or multimedia systems.

If you would like to study a degree that combines aspects of media, electrical engineering, communication technology and computer science, then you should choose Multimedia Technology at

UAS Wismar

. This degree course concentrates on the production, processing, transmission and presentation of multimedia content. Graduates can find jobs, for example, in IT system development.

Women in STEM Professions

Various initiatives and institutions promote the STEM disciplines. Many universities think it’s particularly important to inspire women and girls for technical professions, which are often considered male-dominated domains. Various projects for females aim to paint a realistic picture of engineering and scientific professions, and to point out women’s chances in these fields. The aim is to gain more female graduates for careers in technological companies and research institutes.

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